Did you see a warning message Another version of this product is already installed? Well, this indicates QuickBooks error 1638. When you get this error, it indicates that you might already have QuickBooks installed. You simply need to find your version of QuickBooks and open it. The QB error 1638 occurs with the following message on the screen:

Error CodeMessage
Error 1638:“Another version of this product is already installed.”

In case you are experiencing a similar issue, then we are here to help you with it. This segment is written in a way to eliminate QuickBooks error 1638. We are going to discuss what factors can lead you to QuickBooks error 1638 and what measures can be taken to eliminate it. To learn further, stick around this segment carefully, or you can also consult our technical support team at +1-844-539-0188, and we will provide you with instant support and guidance in dealing with QuickBooks error 1638 and other QB-related errors.

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Causes of QuickBooks installation error 1638

There can be a bunch of factors causing QuickBooks error 1638. Let us evaluate the causes one by one:

  • In case the QuickBooks desktop installation isn’t performed properly using the right guidelines
  • QuickBooks desktop is already installed on the system
  • Damaged QuickBooks program’s installation
  • Windows firewall blocking the QuickBooks installation
  • Virus or other infection leading to the issue

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Install Error 1638

A couple of methods can be performed to fix QuickBooks Install error 1638. Let us have a look at the methods one by one:

Step 1: Find out the QuickBooks version

Before proceeding ahead, you need to find out the QuickBooks version being used. The steps to be performed here are:

  • At first, press windows + R on the keyboard to open the run command
  • After that, enter the control panel and click on the ok tab
  • You now have to click on programs and then on programs and features.
Uninstall Microsoft visual c++
  • You need to see QuickBooks in the lists, and further double-click on it.
  • Wait for the program to open.

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Step 2: Open QuickBooks program

  • You need to click on the start tab.
  • And further, choose All programs and click on QuickBooks.
Open quickBooks program - QuickBooks error 1638
  • You need to opt for the correct QuickBooks version.

In case you have an issue, then continue with the below procedure to repair QuickBooks.

Step 3: Repair QuickBooks

If the above method didn’t help, try repairing QuickBooks using the below steps:

  • At first, download the QuickBooks Tool hub.
  • After that, close Quickbooks and all other windows related to it.
  • You now have to download the latest version of the QuickBooks tool hub and save it on the desktop.
  • The next step is to open the downloaded file (QuickBookstoolhub.exe) and further perform the onscreen prompts.
  • Once done with that, accept the terms and conditions and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Head to the location where you have stored the tool hub and double-click on its icon to open the tool hub.
QuickBooks tool hub - QuickBooks error 1638

Run Quick Fix My Program

  • You need to simply open the QuickBooks Tool hub and choose program problems
  • After that, select Quick Fix My Program
Quick fix my program
  • Once done with that, open QuickBooks.
  • In case repairing QuickBooks doesn’t fix the installation error, then head to the next step.

Step 4: Clean install QuickBooks

Restarting the system can fix the issue up to a certain extent in some cases. However, an advanced version of rebooting the system is clean installation of QuickBooks. This process involves the following steps:

Uninstall QuickBooks

  • You need to first log in to the system with admin rights
  • After that, press Windows Start tab
  • Once done with that, enter the control panel in the search box and also click on the enter tab
  • Now, select programs and features or uninstall a program under the control panel window
QuickBooks clean installation - QuickBooks error 1638
  • You now have to opt for the version of QuickBooks from the list of programs.
Clean install QuickBooks
  • The last step is to select uninstall and click on the next tab.

Reinstall QuickBooks

  • You need to first find and open QuickBooks.exe
  • And then, perform the onscreen prompts
  • The next step is to accept the software license agreement and click on the next tab
  • Now, enter the product and license number
  • The last step is to opt for the next tab.

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Getting rid of the QuickBooks error 1638 becomes easy, once you are well-versed with the steps and procedures enumerated above. However, if you are unable to rectify the issue even after performing the steps discussed above, then in that case, consult our technical support team at +1-844-539-0188, and we will provide you with immediate support and assistance. Our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors will help you in dealing with any sort of technical glitch in QuickBooks.

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