QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software mainly known for its capability in keeping records, books, inventory, payroll, tax filing, invoicing, bank account tracing, accounts payable and receivable management etc for a full-featured business and financial management suite. It also provides an extraordinary interface. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is one of the best products, especially for self-employed individuals, experienced bookkeepers, and to those users who prefer desktop-based accounting software. So users occasionally have to be a part of normal goofs while using QuickBooks on Mac OS. However, one such notable error that most likely occurs in Mac OS is the QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error. This error being recurrent in nature prevents you from doing consistent work in Mac OS. To know more about this error to be able to fix it you need to follow this piece of information until the end for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

QuickBooks Crash Catcher Mac OS Error.

QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error is a common technical issue that arises within the QuickBooks application in Mac where the error message that pops up on your screen as:

 “Crash Catcher-An error has happened, and QuickBooks should stop” and the error message window creates a crash log document after which it shows the message “QuickBooks Quit surprisingly” displayed on the screen.

QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error

QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error mostly occurs in the 2018 version and other previous versions of QuickBooks. Using an old variation of the QuickBooks application is one of the primary causes of the Crash Catcher Error. Therefore timely update QuickBooks software which is also known as maintenance releases can help you to fix the errors so that you are able to utilize its improved features.

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Potential Purposes for QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error

Different purposes that are characterized for Crash Catcher QuickBooks Mac issue are recorded under:

  • Unverified QuickBooks association record
  • Untouchable applications (Third party) on the system obstruct QuickBooks processes.
  • Exactly when you don’t have sufficient administrative rights.

Or a user account with non-regulatory accreditations.

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Potential Instructions for the QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error Resolution

After analyzing the issue, let’s learn how to resolve QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error when using QuickBooks for Mac. To rectify this error follow the below-given steps:

STEP 1: Make a New Mac User Account.

This error may appear when you run this QuickBooks software on Mac OS. When the software has no glitches, your account on Mac may have problems, so you can add one more account as a troubleshooting measure for this error.

  • Go to the ‘Apple menu’ on your Mac
  • See the ‘Preferences’ tab and choose the option.
  • Select the button ‘Users and Groups.
  • Tap on the ‘+’ button.
  • Make a New user account in Mac.
Create a new user account
  • From the New Account, open the system and open the software for use.

STEP 2: Restart Your System In Safe Mode.

Safe Boot mode

Sometimes there is a problem with your operating system that keeps interfering with your QuickBooks software which can be resolved by opening your system in a particular way in a safe boot mode. It also helps in preventing obstructions from third party applications. To perform this rebooting, follow the steps described below:

  •  Restart your Mac and press long-press the Shift key on the keyboard to boot your computer in Safe Mode. Let go of the key as soon as the Desktop is visible on the screen.
  • Open the QuickBooks application and check if the same issue persists.
  • If you don’t get the same error again, then this points towards the other application installed on your system might be clashing with QuickBooks processes.
  • To verify, restart your computer in normal mode and open QuickBooks.
Restart your Computer - Crash Catcher Issue

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STEP 3:  Integrate Your Company Record.

  • Browse to the ‘Report’ menu
  • Click on ‘Utilities’
  • Pick ‘Affirm Data’
  • Then Click on ‘Structure Information’
  •  Now to verify the information run the fundamental development of the technique.
  • If on the off chance that it fails to attempt to restore the pack.

STEP 4: Update QuickBooks Software to the latest Version.

Using an outdated version of QuickBooks Version is also one of the most evident reasons behind the QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error. To Update QuickBooks follow bit by bit directions given below:

Update QuickBooks
  • At first, open your QuickBooks workspace.
  • Go to the QuickBooks application from the most elevated place of the taskbar and a while later select ‘Check for QuickBooks Updates’.
  • Now, carefully follow the on-screen prompts to install the latest version (also known as maintenance release) of QuickBooks
  • Once this is done, you can check the QuickBooks software by running it as usual.

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STEP 5: Run Verify / Rebuild Data Utility Tool.

Verify or Rebuild Data Utility - QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error

When you work or deal with data-associated problems then sometimes this QuickBooks application may face Crash Catcher issue which can be removed by Rebuild Utility Tool.

  • At First Go to the File menu, Open QuickBooks, and click Utilities.
  • Select Verify Data and hold on until the process completes.
  • If you perceive any issues with the company file then run the Rebuild Data Utility Tool.
  • Again Click Utilities under the File menu and select Rebuild Data.
  • Rerun the Verify Data tool. This Data verification can take some time.
  • If the Verify/Rebuild process fails then try to restore your system.

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STEP 5: Update the Windows Programming.

If the above-mentioned steps are unable to fix the error then go for the update of Windows software by following these simple steps.

  • Snap on Start button.
  • Then type Update windows on the search bar
  • Tap on ‘Check for Updates’ expecting to be any
  • Follow the prompts as given and install the package.

To Summarize!

A technical problem like the QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error may not be complex but recurring. If you want to work on QuickBooks application on Mac without any trouble from this error, you should quickly recognize its causes. With an overview of the error and its causes; you will find it easier to troubleshoot it. We hope that the steps mentioned above to resolve the QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error in Mac have helped you a lot. Also, the QuickBooks team is well aware of the crash catcher error and is ready to help you out if your issue is not resolved after following the troubleshooting steps as mentioned above. For any query or help you can always reach us at our QuickBooks Customer Support Number ++1-844-539-0188.

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