Ways to resolve the QuickBooks error code 176109

For almost a decade QuickBooks has been considered as one of the best accounting software available. In fact, it is said that QuickBooks has brought a big change in the way accounting is done. For having very advanced features this application has benefited small and medium businesses. One of the best things is that every year a new version of the software is launched by Intuit with new and improved features, thereby ensuring smooth business operations.

QuickBooks may have gained immense popularity, but it is not immune to any kind of errors or technical issues, after all it is just a software. One of the very common errors that users face is the QuickBooks POS error 176109. This issue happens when an user makes an attempt to open or register the Point Of Sale application. The error message suddenly pops up on the screen saying,:

Error code 176109: Invalid Product Code or Invalid Product Number

The message basically tries to reflect that the product code that was used for registration of the QuickBooks POS is incorrect. Apart from this there are few other causes behind the QuickBooks pos error code 176109. So, in this blog we will in detail discuss this error, its causes, and possible ways to fix it. Reading the post ahead will help you in learning the fixes and other facts of the error 176109. However, if you are in search of technical support partner, then you can directly reach out to our QuickBooks professionals at +1-844-539-0188. Calling us will help you to get rid of the error immediately and permanently.

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Causes of the QuickBooks error code 176109

Things to remember before resolving QuickBooks error code 176109

  • Before you start with the troubleshooting process, create backup of your company file in order to avoid any data disaster
  • Ensure that the QuickBooks Point of Sale is updated to the latest release and if it isn’t then update it before you resolve the error.
  • As the QuickBooks Point of Sale entitlement folder is a hidden folder in Windows, so in that case you have to modify the Windows setting to Show Hidden File. You might have to remove this folder to fix the issue.

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Solution to the QuickBooks error code 176109

Below are the ways to resolve the QuickBooks error code 176109:

Solution 1: Remove the contents of the Entitlement Folder

Manual Method:

Delete the ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml’-file - Screenshot
  • By using Windows explorer, follow the pathway C:\Program Data\Intuit\ Entitlement Client\ v8
  • To select all files, press on the Ctrl+A keys
  • After that click on the Delete tab
  • To confirm the action, click on Yes
  • Once done, open QuickBooks Point of Sale and re-register the application

Automatic Method:

  • At first you need to download the Clear Entitlement File tool from here.
  • After that unzip the file to your desktop and double-click on the download file to run.
  • Now re-launch QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and complete the registration.

Note: You can delete the Clear entitlement v8.bat file as well as the Clear_entitlement_v8.zip files.

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Solution 2: Renaming the WS activity

  • Follow the pathway C:\Program Data\Intuit\ QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\ Ini
  • Now right click on the WS activity
  • After that choose Rename
  • Once done, enter OLD WS activity and then click anywhere to save it
  • You have to close the window after that
  • Now delete the entitlement folder
  • After it is done relaunch the QuickBooks Point of Sale

Solution 3: Perform a Clean Install of QuickBooks Point of Sale

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks Point of Sale

Uninstall QuickBooks Point of Sale - Screenshot
  • First thing you have to do is to go to the control panel
  • After that click on Program and Features
  • In the list Program and Feature select QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Now uninstall QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Once done follow the prompts to finish the entire procedure

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Step 2: Rename all the Point of Sale Folders

  • Add OLD at the end of each folders. This actually prevents QuickBooks from making note of the folders so as to create a new one.

Step 3: Reinstall the point of sale

You have to follow the given steps to install QuickBooks Point of Sale. Should you face any kind of errors you can seek assistance from QuickBooks support providers.

Step 4: Restore the Company files

Restore the Company file - Screenshot
  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks Point of Sale, then create a new folder and restore the backup that you had taken
  • Once done, open Point of Sale to check if the issue has been fixed
  • Register QuickBooks Point of Sale again

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With the above ways, you can easily resolve the QuickBooks error code 176109. But if you face any kind of error then the QuickBooks support service providers will always be available to help you out with your issues. You can contact us via our toll-free number i.e.+1-844-539-0188, and our QuickBooks professionals and certified Pro Advisors will be there to help you in fixing the error from its root causes. Do not hesitate in calling us anytime, our QuickBooks support team will be happy to help you.


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