Does QuickBooks Update Error 12007 bother you a lot?? No worries..!! This informative Tech blog is created for the global QuickBooks users who encounter the same error code, or else you can contact the QuickBooks Support experts for better assistance to resolve the QuickBooks error 12007. The possibility of receiving error codes increase rapidly while downloading the payroll or updating the QuickBooks to the latest version. Generally, Intuit QuickBooks error 12007 appears when the system files are not configured or set-up correctly. This causes registry errors within the operating system.

QuickBooks Update Error 12007

Learn further about this issue by continuing scrolling the segment carefully. You can also connect with our tech support professionals at our support number and they will help you with the information further.

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Brief into QuickBooks error code 12007

Before you dig in deep to eliminate this issue in QuickBooks, let us first understand a little bit about this error. You can often experience this issue when trying to make certain changes to QuickBooks payroll service function, this error might emerge. You will see a warning message stating A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server. Often you experience this issue when your software is outdated. Moreover, misconfigured registry files can also trigger this issue. There can be a bunch of factors triggering this issue and also the fixation steps that can be performed which we will be elaborating later in this segment.

What are the possible causes of Error 12007?

Below are the possibilities that cause the QuickBooks error 12007:

  • Internet connection problem
  • Network timeout makes the QuickBooks unable to access the server
  • Internet security or personal firewall setting barred the connections
  • Your SSL checkbox might be removed in Internet Explorer Option.
  • Internet Explorer Browser is not set as a default browser.

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How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 12007?

Follow the steps given below to resolve QuickBooks update error 12007:

1st Method: Review the Internet Explorer settings

Important Note: By performing these actions maybe this will affect internet connection for Internet Explorer browser.

  • First of all Open the Internet Explorer
  • Select the Tools icon on the upper right corner of the display
  • Select the Internet Options
  • Open the Advanced tab
  • Open the Settings
  • Search & check the Use TLS 1.0
  • Confirm that Use TLS 1.1 & Use TLS 1.2 are unchecked
  • Select Apply & OK button
  • Close the Windows
  • Finally, try QuickBooks update again

Internet Explorer settings can sometimes cause issues with downloading updates. To check your Internet Explorer settings follow the steps:

  • Firstly, you need to close QuickBooks and open Internet Explorer browser.
  • After that choose Tools, and then Internet Options.
  • Now choose the Globe icon, from the Security tab,
  • Ensure that your system’s security level is no higher than Medium-high.
  • On the Connections tab, you need to choose Never Dial a Connection if you do not use the dial-up node on the system, or choose the correct ISP if you do and choose OK button.
Never dial up connection option - quickbooks error 12007
  • Choose LAN Setups and ensure that you have chosen automatically detect settings.
automatically detect settings
  • If there is Use a Proxy Server option is selected, document the complete address and port.
  • If the port is other than port 80, do not uncheck the Use a Proxy Server option.
  • If the port is port 80, you can clear the checkbox for testing purposes.
  • Now choose Ok.
  • After that choose Restore Advanced Settings, on the Advanced tab, and under Settings, locate Use TLS 1.2, and verify it is selected. Now click on OK button.
Restore advanced settings - quickbooks error 12007
  • Finally, close Internet Explorer and restart your computer.

After performing the above steps you can now open QuickBooks Desktop and try the update again.

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2nd Method: Update QuickBooks desktop

Later try manual QuickBooks update by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Web page of Update to the Latest Release
  • Now, you need to Ensure that your product is selected
  • If not selected, then go to the Change link & select the QuickBooks product
  • Select the Update
  • Once the download is completed you need to give a double click on the downloaded file to install.

3rd Method: Test connectivity and settings

Internet Explorer is what QuickBooks uses to access the Internet, so it needs to be the default browser. You should also check if you can access other websites.

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4th Method: Fixing internal QuickBooks and internet issues

Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • You are then required to check the internet latency and identify any dripped internet packets.
  • Once done with that, upgrade the internet explorer and make it the default browser.
  • Also, note that this step is mandatory as QuickBooks would work better with the internet explorer browser.
  • Check and rectify the SSL settings
SSL Settings - quickbooks error 12007
  • You are now required to check the internet firewall and also the internet security settings
Check internet firewall and internet security settings
  • And permit QuickBooks connections
  • Reboot the system and end the process

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5th Method: Resetting the internet web browser

  • You are required to open the internet browser
default browser internet explorer - quickbooks error 12007
  • Furthermore, choose the tools
  • Also, select the internet options
Do changes to the Internet Options
  • You are now required to move to the advanced tab and click on reset tab
Reset or Restore defaults in IE - quickbooks error 12007
  • Once done with that, the default settings will be applied by the internet browser
  • Lastly, click on ok tab and reboot the system

6th Method: Opening window in safe mode

  • Start the process by restarting the PC
  • You are now required to press F8 key until the advanced boot options appear
  • The next step is to choose the safe mode with networking option and also click on enter tab
  • Launch the QuickBooks software and check if the errors show up
  • In case the issue doesn’t occur, then it indicates that there is an issue with the software update process
  • Reboot the system

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7th Method: Update the payroll and QuickBooks desktop

  • Here, needs to unplug the wireless router or the internet plug and check the internet latency
  • Open the QuickBooks software and the company file
  • Choose Ctrl + K keys
  • A window will appear, where one needs to hit the edit tab
  • Uncheck the open payroll setup option
  • And wait for the process to complete and update

8th Method: Fix QuickBooks payroll update services

  • One needs to check the internet setup in QuickBooks desktop from the internet options menu
  • And also click on validate the system internet speed
  • Furthermore, click on next and also select the advanced connecting settings
  • Move to the display internet properties window and also click on advanced tab
  • Now, checkmark the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 options
  • Click on apply tab and hit ok tab
  • Close the tabs and reboot the software
  • End the process by trying to update the QuickBooks payroll services.

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Final Note!

If you find any inconvenience in performing the steps in the proper manner or if the QuickBooks error code 12007 still persists even after applying all the steps correctly. We would recommend you to take help from the QuickBooks desktop pro support team. Or you can directly contact them at their toll-free number i.e. +1-844-539-0188. Feel free to connect with us and our experts will be happy to help you.


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