QuickBooks is widely adopted and the most acknowledged accounting software because of its amazing features. Still, it is often seen that its users face technical glitches while operating QuickBooks and these glitches appear in the form of error codes. An error about which we will be discussing today is QuickBooks Error 1406. This error might occur due to any third-party program running in the background and if someone tries to install QuickBooks software. One major cause of this error is that the Windows registry is damaged. If you encounter this error, you don’t have to worry about it as we have got you covered and come up with the troubleshooting steps for you to resolve this error.

Warning message - quickbooks error 1406

In this article, we will also provide you with insights into the symptoms and factors that trigger this error. However, in case you want the quickest solution to your problems and also have questions related to this error you can contact our QuickBooks pro technical support staff. We have a team of certified professionals to assist you 24/7 and provide you with the best services immediately. Just give us a call at +1-844-539-0188.

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What leads to the QuickBooks error 1406?

One can end up into the QuickBooks error code 1406, due to the following factors:

  • In case the multiple users try to download QuickBooks software on the working PC at the same time.
  • Also, in case the third party software, such as MSXML, Microsoft .Net framework and CC++
  • Another case can be when definite download space isn’t available, and the shared download company file is on hard drive.
  • Moreover, if the user isn’t having the login credentials to run the windows vista or windows admin on the system.
  • An improper uninstallation of the QuickBooks software can trigger such an error.
  • The download location is not accessible.
  • Moreover, the firewall or security software is causing any problem.
  • QuickBooks files have been removed improperly from your system.

Symptoms that indicate QuickBooks Error 1406

There are certain symptoms users can observe when encountering this error in your system:

  • A warning message will show up on your screen while you are operating the software.
  • Your system keeps on freezing frequently.
  • The system is taking a long time to respond to the commands input by the Keyboard or mouse.
  • Your system is abruptly shutting down again and again.

Methods to rectify the QuickBooks error 1406

One can try to fix the QuickBooks error 1406, by performing the below stated methods:

Method 1: Check the windows registry

  • For this, you are required to ensure that the system and admin have complete control access.
  • Also, the user must have access to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\services\aSTOR registry key.
Fixing wrong registry subkey - quickbooks error 1406
  • The last step is to make sure that all the keys are set to the administrators group.

Method 2: Logging in to the workstation using the admin credentials

  • At first, the user is required to move to the start tab and select programs.
  • After that, select the system tools.
  • The next step is to select the system restore.
Restore your computer - quickbooks error 1406
  • And also restore the system with earlier settings and hit next.
  • Now, select the recent system restore point and press next tab.
Restore your computer
  • Select next on the confirmation tab.
  • Lastly, restart the system and you are good to go.

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Method 3: Making use of QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool - QB Tools Hub
  • And then save the downloaded file to the desktop.
  • The next step is to access the tool to fix the issue.
  • And lastly, wait till the process ends.

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Method 4: Using a clean install tool to configure the system

This is the last method that you can opt for to get rid of the QuickBooks error code 1406. The steps to be following here in are as follows:

  • The very first step is to select ctrl + alt keys simultaneously,
  • And then enter msconfig in the tab and press ok tab.
  • The next step is to click on the general tab and select selective startup tab and load startup items.
Install or uninstall QuickBooks in Selective Startup
  • After that, you are require to select the services tab and click on the hide all Microsoft services.
  • And select disable all tab.
  • Once done with that click on hide all Microsoft services.
  • And also, check the list of services.
  • Ensure that you have selected the windows installer.
  • Followed by selecting restart and also choose system configuration window.
  • The last step to follow is to install, uninstall, and reinstall QuickBooks using clean install tool.

Steps for restoring the system to its normal configuration

  • Press hold Ctrl + H keys and access the run command.
  • Write the msconfig and OK tab
  • Move to the general tab and select normal startup.
Select normal startup - quickbooks error 1406
  • And hit OK tab
  • The last step is to select restart the system.

Method 5: Grant permissions to the data.dat file

  • First, the user must go to Windows Explorer by pressing Windows tab + E.
  • Once done, go to the Organize tab.
  • The next step is to navigate to the folder and search options.
  • The user must then go to the display tab.
  • Then, select the Show Hidden Files and Folders option.
  • Make sure to check that the O/S file is protected from being hidden.
  • And click OK tab
show hidden file and folder - quickbooks error 1406
  • Then the user must go to “C:/users/all/users/Microsoft/Office/data.”
  • Alternatively, right-click the opa12.dat file for Office 2007 and data.dat for Office 2003.
  • Select the Properties option after right-clicking on the file.
  • Now click on the Security tab.
  • Switch to Advanced options.
  • Click the Permissions tab.
  • And also select Authorization Entry.
  • Go to the list and click on the Edit option.
  • Ensure that you have checked the Full Control box.
  • Complete the process by clicking the OK tab

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Method 6: Turn off anti-virus software

  • This process requires right-clicking on the anti-virus icon.
  • Next by selecting the Virus Protection/Disable tab.
disable the antivirus - quickbooks error 1406
  • Now restart the system to check the issue still persists or resolved.

Method 7: Update Windows

  • Users must first enter the Windows Update window and navigate to the Update tab.
Update Windows - quickbooks error 1406
  • Now click on the Windows Update icon and check for the Updates option.
  • Now launch the Window Update window by double-clicking on the Windows Update icon.
  • Next, check for relevant and necessary updates and download them.
  • Restart your PC and allow these updates to install on your PC.
  • This can possibly resolve the issue so make sure by checking once.

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The final note..!

We summarize this article over here, with the hope that the above-stated information might be of some help in getting rid of the QuickBooks error code 1406. Errors in QuickBooks are frustrating and disrupt the entire workflow. But you can resolve these errors by applying the correct steps. In case you find yourself stuck at some point and encounter obstacles while implementing the above reasonable solutions or their respective steps contact our QuickBooks pro technical support team professionals and QuickBooks experts at +1-844-539-0188. Our team will be more than happy to assist you and fix the error for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does QuickBooks error 1406 mean?

This is an installation error in QuickBooks that usually appears as an error message when installing QuickBooks. The main cause of this error is a damaged Windows registry.

What causes this error in QuickBooks?

This error can be caused by the following factors mentioned below:
•        A corrupted Windows registry can cause QuickBooks error 1406. 
•        The QuickBooks installation source may be corrupted.
•        Malware or viruses may have infected the computer and damaged the installation files.
•        Installation files are deleted accidentally.

What is the message related to QB error 1406?

This installation error usually appears as an error message that says:
“We’re sorry! There was an error with your installation”
Error 1406 Cannot write the value “in key ‘\CLSID{1ECFDBEB-CF78-4FC6-AA2D-66032F615BAC}\LocalServer32’

Can software repair solve this error?

Yes, repairing QuickBooks software can sometimes resolve installation-related errors.

How to fix installation errors in QuickBooks? 

You can try to fix the installation by:
•        Close the QBW32.exe process
•        Uninstall QuickBooks software
•        Restart the system
•        Clean install QuickBooks


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