Here is how you can get rid of the QuickBooks error code C=44

Over the last decade QuickBooks has emerged as one of the most reliable accounting software. It has brought a great change in how accounting is done and today millions of businesses depend on it because of its accuracy and efficiency. Packed with powerful features, this application was mainly designed by small and medium scaled businesses. Besides known for streamlining bookkeeping, it has also earned accolades for ease of issue, new and improved version of the application and lot more.

Like all software QuickBooks is also prone to errors which can affect business operations. A very common error that users face is QuickBooks error C=44. This error happens when QuickBooks is forced to change any damaged transaction or record. It happens due to security file or damaged company files. It can also happen while trying to open multiple transactions all at the same time. Users may receive the error message because of system lockups or sudden power cut.

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Steps to Resolve the QuickBooks error code C=44

Before you begin with troubleshooting the QuickBooks error code C=44, you have to agree to some phrases when you are trying to upgrade QuickBooks file to the current version.

  1. QuickBooks current version that created the error at the time of the up-gradation procedure
  2. The last version that you used prior to performing an upgrade and it shows your data file is free of any error
  3. The updated version is an intermediate QuickBooks version which is needed to upgrade the data file to the present version of QuickBooks
license and product numbers - Screenshot
  1. The present QuickBooks installation folder is the folder where all the recent versions of your file are stored
  2. The up-gradation procedure is basically when you upgrade an older version of QuickBooks to a recent one.

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The damage of the data or out of memory can lead to the QuickBooks error code C=44. You have to restart your windows system and try again or rebuild by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. The first thing to do in QuickBooks is to click on the Windows menu and then choose Close All option
  2. Now you have to click the File menu and then choose Utilities and then select the Verify Data
Utilities (Verifying the Data or Rebuild Data) - Screenshot
  1. When you come across the message ‘Your data lost integrity’ on your computer screen or the error also occurs while running the verification procedure, click on the File Menu and then select Utilities and then click on the Rebuild Data to finish the entire process
  2. Once the Rebuild Utility is completed again run the Verify Utility to ensure that all the problems have been cleared and then check the step to procedure.
Verify hosting data
  1. In case, if the error still persists after rebuilding it, then you have to restore from the recent backup which doesn’t cause the QuickBooks error code C=44.

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Final Words…

If still the problem doesn’t get sorted, then connect with QuickBooks premier customer support team at +1-844-539-0188. These are basically well-trained and experienced experts guide you with any error or queries related with QuickBooks 24/7.


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