Often when working on QuickBooks or performing any financial-related activity on QuickBooks, one might land into some or other banking error or OL and OLSU error. One such error that we are going to elaborate in this article is QuickBooks banking error OL-334. Well, banking errors can be a bit technical for QuickBooks users to tackle. In case there are issues with the internet connection, then one might come across any QuickBooks Error OL-334. Or if the user is trying to update the bank accounts using online services, then such an error might occur. In case the bank accounts or the financial institution denies admin submissions for improvements like direct connect or web connect, then the occurrence of such an error is probable. Note that, this error can also be seen if there is any issue on the bank’s part.

There can be multiple other factors of fixing the QuickBooks error OL-334. If you are interested in knowing what those reasons can be and what measures can be taken to eliminate this issue from its root cause, then going through this article will help you with it. However, if you need our assistance to eliminate this issue, then you can connect with our team right away at ++1-844-539-0188 and ask them to perform the necessary steps on your behalf.

What instigates QuickBooks Error OL-334 bank errors in QuickBooks?

As we mentioned earlier, there can be a couple of factors that can be resolving the QuickBooks error OL-334. These reasons include the following:

  • When the user tries to check with the bank to see if they have rolled out some improvements, in that case, such an error could appear on the screen
  • One more reason behind the occurrence of this issue can be if the bank server or the internet service provider isn’t working properly
  • The user might come across a similar error if he/she is making use of any discontinued windows or QuickBooks desktop version.
  • An inactive bank account empowered for online banking of QuickBooks can also trigger such an error in QuickBooks
  • In case the user is facing an issue with arranging the download or import, then the occurrence of this error is probable

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Important points to consider

Before performing the right set of steps to eliminate the error, the user is recommended to keep the following points in mind.

  • At first, the user is supposed to ensure that the software is upgrade QuickBooks 2018 to 2021
  • Furthermore, the user should ascertain to contact the bank in order to verify the account information and that the bank is not experiencing any outages.
  • One should also recheck if there is an active internet connection. In case it is connected already, then the user is suggested to verify the firewall and the internet security settings to continue.
  • Lastly, the user should confirm that he/she is using a supported version of QuickBooks and internet explorer.

Measures to fix the QuickBooks OL- 334 error

One can try to perform the below set of steps to fix QuickBooks error code OL-334 from its root cause.

Process 1: Make a new account and then go for merging of accounts

  • The user needs to first right-click on the account encountering the issue
  • Click on edit account.
  • After that highlight the account name
  • Click on copy option.
  • The user should then enter an asterisk (*) at the end of the account name.
  • And click on the bank feed settings
  • Click on the deactivate all online services tab.
  • Click on save and close.
  • After that deactivate all online services
  • The user should then opt for the chart of accounts to create a new account.
  • And then, close and reopen the company file
  • After that click on the chart of accounts and go for edit account.
  • Eliminate the asterisk (*)
  • Now, right-click on the account and also click on save and close.
  • Hit the Yes tab and also set up an account for bank feeds.
  • The last step is to download transactions to the newly merged account.

Process 2: Access the account setup

  • The first step is to create QuickBooks company files backup.
  • After that verify the inactive accounts that are showing bolt.
  • The user should then deactivate the accounts for online services.
  • And also access the bank feeds set up.
  • Now, press the ctrl key.
  • At last, enter the bank information and this would fix the issue up to certain extent
Make a new account in QuickBooks

Process 3: Make a new company file

  • The user is first required to open the company file
  • After that click on the new company option.
  • Now, create a New Company File
Create a New Comapny File in QuickBooks
  • Once done with that add a bank account for the one in which such an error appears.
  • The user is then required to set up the account for bank feeds.
  • And later on download the bank feed transactions to check the account.
  • End the process by connecting to the bank and this would resolve the issue

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Process 4: Use TLS Security protocol

  • At first, launch internet explorer
  • After that ensure that you’ve installed the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Now, click  on the browser’s window
  • And go for the gear icon under the settings tab.
  • The next step is to pick the internet options
  • And click on the advanced tab.
  • Unmark the USE TLS 1.0 and also mark TLS 1.2 options.
  • Make sure USE TLS 1.0 is checked option
Use TLS 1.0 in QuickBooks
  • Click on apply and also tap on the ok tab.
  • At last, shut down the window and also restart the system.

Process 5: Deactivate bank accounts

  • The user is supposed to first head to the chart of accounts.
  • After that go for the include inactive option.
  • And click on deactivate bank feeds.
  • And then, shut down the window after completing deactivating bank feeds.
  • Try to access the file and every account for the bank feeds and check if the issue is resolved or not
Deactivate Bank Accounts

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With this, we come to the end of this article, where we expect the error to be eliminated from its root cause using the set of steps we have listed above. However, if there is any sort of issue or if the user is unable to get rid of the QuickBooks banking error OL-334 even after performing the set of steps discussed above, then in that scenario, we recommend the user to reach out to our tech geeks at ++1-844-539-0188 and ask them to perform the necessary steps to eliminate the error. We are a team of technically sound professionals who work round the clock to provide instant support and assistance.