Are you interested in learning the process to clear up disk space for QuickBooks desktop? The user might come across different error messages about requirement of more hard drive space to finish what he/she is doing in QuickBooks desktop. The error messages might include the following:

  • There isn’t enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package
  • Or free some hard drive space. QuickBooks is running slowly
  • Another error message can be “Error: There is not enough free space
There is not enough free space error - Screenshot

Just in case you see one of these messages, then need not to worry. The user simply needs to make some space on the system. We recommend the following steps to be followed. The user can also contact our team professionals for any further tech assistance. Call us using our toll-free number i.e. +1-844-539-0188, and let our team work for you.

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Steps to clear up disk space for QuickBooks desktop

Below steps can be of some help in clearing up disk space for QuickBooks desktop.

Step 1: Checking hard drive

Before carrying out any changes, the user needs to check the free space that is available. Also, the software needs at least 1 GB of space to run install process and 2.5 GB to work at peak performance. The steps to be performed are as follows:

  • The user needs to choose the windows start menu.
  • After that, the user should type file explorer into the search and open the file explorer.
  • Choose my computer from the navigation bar.
  • This is also called This PC.
  • The user should then right click the icon for the hard drive. This is the C: drive.
Disk space - Screenshot
  • And later on, choose properties. The user will se the free space available in the window.

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Step 2: Making space on the hard drive

The user should make use of any of the following solutions, in order to free up the hard drive space. After the user has enough space, he/she can move back to the original task.

Clean up your disk

In case the user is having lots of files in the downloads folder or recycling bin, and then follow the steps to run disc clean up.

Clear your temp folder

The user can delete the files in your temp folders to free up some hard drive space. Before starting, ensure to sign in to the windows as an admin

Remove programs you don’t use

Before removing the files, the user should see whether he/she can uninstall programs that aren’t used anymore.

Cleaning up the photos and documents

In case the user has already removed temporary files an unused programs and still require some space, then it is suggested to consider moving photos and documents to an external hard drive.

Refresh the install file

In case the user needs some help, then Microsoft has several more suggestions for how to free up hard drive space.

Step 3: Consider upgrading

In case the user has tries all the solutions and still need hard drive space, then it is the right time to upgrade.

  • In case the user is having QuickBooks enterprise, then considering a cloud hosting services is recommended.
  • Whereas, if the user plans to upgrade the computer, make sure you are ready to move QuickBooks to the new system.

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Winding up!

Towards the end of this article, we believe that the information stated in above might be of some help in successfully clearing up disk space for QuickBooks desktop. However, if you are having any query, then feel free to call us immediately at +1-844-539-0188. Our QuickBooks desktop technical support professionals will provide you with the best possible assistance.


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